Sunday, September 15, 2013

2014 Toyota Corolla Has Arrived!

Hello everyone!  Our first allocation of 2014 Corollas have arrived!  We received a few S models, LE's and an LE Eco model.  I picked three different models for the video below.  The models I chose are a Corolla S Plus, an LE and an LE Eco.  In the video I talk about and show what has changed and the differences between the different trim levels and what is available in other trim levels.

2014 Corolla Walkaround, Features and Review

In this second video, I take you along for my first drive a 2014 Corolla S Plus model on my dealership's normal test drive route.  We have many different options when it comes to types of roads to drive on, but if a customer wants to stay on back roads and avoid the highways, this is the way we go. 2014 Corolla S Plus First Drive

Let me know what you think by commenting below or on YouTube.  Thanks!

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