Toyota Entune Multimedia Systems

This page will cover the steps necessary to get your phone set up with Toyota's new multimedia entertainment system called Entune.  Entune is a collectionof popular mobile applications and data services that are integrated into the audio systems of many new Toyota vehicles.  The apps that are out now, but not available on all systems are Bing, Pandora, iHeartRadio, OpenTable, and MovieTickets.  The last three are only available on the Premium HDD system that is only available on Prius V Model Five with AT pkg, Prius Five with AT pkg, Camry XLE, camry XLE Hybrid, Land Cruiser, and more to come.  The data services that are available on all systems are Weather, Sports, Stocks, Fuel Prices, and Traffic updates.

First you will need what is referred to as a compatible "Smart Phone".  A Smart Phone is an iPhone, Blackberry or an Android phone.  You will also need a data plan with your cell phone carrier, which if you have an iPhone, you definitely have because all the major carriers usually make you get a monthly data plan along with your normal plan.  The last item that you will need is a Toyota vehicle equipped with Entune Multimedia technology.  The following 2012 model year vehicles are available with Entune.  Corolla, Camry, Rav4, 4Runner, Prius C, Prius Liftback, Prius V, Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia and Sienna.  The upcoming 2013 Avalon and Venza are also going to be available with Entune.

The easiest way to identify if your vehicle has Entune is by locating the "Apps" button on the right hand side of your audio and navigation screen.  The yellow arrow in the picture below points to the "Apps" button.

Display Audio with Navigation and Entune
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Premium HDD Navigation with Entune

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Once you have confirmed that your vehicle has Entune and you want to get it set up, there are a set of steps that you need to follow.  This process should have been completed before you took delivery of your new Toyota, but if it didn't for any number of reasons, the whole process is outlined below.

Steps for Setting Up Entune in Your New Toyota

Go to your phones store for downloading applications and download the Toyota Entune App.  You can find it in the Android Marketplace, Blackberry App World, or Apple's App Store.  Just search for Toyota Entune and download and install.  It's a free app from the store(s).

Now go to and click the "Get Started" button.

  • Enter your name, email address and VIN number

  • You will be sent an email that you need to open and click a link to verify that you wanted to create and open an Entune account.

  • Once you are logged into your MyEntune account, you will need to link your accounts that you have with Pandora, iHeartRadio, OpenTable, and MovieTickets.  As of right now, only the Premium HDD system has access to all the apps.  Toyota is going to release and update within the next few months to give every Entune system access to every app.  To link your accounts, just go to the button under/next to the app you want to link.

  • Click Image to Enlarge

  • The next step is to pair your phone  with the Bluetooth system in the car. Here is a video to show that step.  Bluetooth Pairing in Display Audio with Navigation

  • After your phone is paired, Android and Blackberry devices can access the apps on the touch screen of the vehicle by launching the Toyota Entune App on your phone and then selecting the appthat you want to use on the touch screen of the vehicle.  If you have an Apple iPhone, you will need your USB cable and plug it into the USB port in the car.  Then open the Toyota Entune app on your iPhone and select the app or data service that you want to use on the touch screen of the car.  Here is a video showing this process: Phone Set Up in the Car with Entune System .  I will add more videos as I get them edited so check back soon for the rest of them.

  • Here's a video about programming a destination in the Display Audio with Navigation and Entune.  Click the phrase in red to be taken to the video in a new window.

  • Here is a video about programming your home address into the Display Audio with Navigation and Entune system.  This will enable you to quickly set your home address as the destination no matter where you are at so you can find your way home, where ever you may have driven to.   Click the phrase in red to be taken to the video in a new window.

  • Here is a video about customizing vehicle options in the Display Audio with Navigation and Entune system.  These options include changing the timer for auto-off headlights, having your doors lock when you sift out of park or hit a certain speed, unlocking all doors with one press of unlock button on keyless remote and more.   Click the phrase in red to be taken to the video in a new window.

  • Please add any comments you may have or ask questions below.


    1. I had a Blacberry set up for Entune but now have iphone 5. Am I suppose to use the usb cable each time I want to use Entune? The blackberry was set up with the bluetooth no cable was needed. Thanks

      1. Yes, the iPhone needs to be tethered, but you probably figured that out after 5 months. Sorry it took so long to respond

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