Friday, June 7, 2013

2014 Toyota Corolla!

Well, Toyota has officially revealed the 2014 Corolla and here it is!


There will be four different trim levels when the vehicle gets released during the Fall of 2013.  The trim levels are as follows; L, LE, S & LE Eco.  There are going to be two different 1.8L 4 cylinders available with one producing 132hp, similar to the 2012's and the other putting out about 140hp.  The bump in power is due to Toyota's new Valvematic technology.  The 2014 Corolla will be the first Toyota in the U.S. with this technology.  There will be three different transmissions available as well.  The first is a 4 speed automatic which has been around for years.  The next is a 6-speed manual gearbox which is new for the Corolla.  The last transmission is Toyota's version of a CVT (continuously variable transmission) which they call a CVTi-S.  The "i" stands for intelligence and the "S" refers to shift.  Toyota claims to have combined the benefits of a CVT with the feel of a conventional hydraulic transmission so only time will tell how well they accomplished this task.  

As soon as we get our first one in, I will be sure to do a walk-around video of it and go over the features and options!

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